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KYC Vault has a wealth of KYC/CDD knowledge and practical experience in the end to end analysis and implementation of regulatory change.    We understand the continuous and increasing pressure on organisations, as well as their clients, to comply with what often feels like an unsurmountable amount of change. This combined with the need to keep costs at a minimum, ensuring aggressive internal and regulatory deadlines are met all the while retaining a competitive edge within the market.  

In line with this, KYC Vault can assist by reviewing your KYC, Client Lifecycle program and in doing so provide a tailored gap analysis and implementation plan that enables you to meet your regulatory obligations whilst ensuring the client experience is both pragmatic and positive for all concerned.    Whether you require an enhancement to your existing procedure or a new KYC/CDD/EDD team to support your current business model, KYC Vault have the experience to support your journey.  Our solutions are analytical, thus leveraging experience and best practice, thus always considering the practical implications not only of the regulations in play, but the business and client experience.    

KYC Vault represents our success in the market as individual professionals and as a team.  Our combined experience and business relationships provide unique and invaluable intelligence for our clients.  With subject matter expertise in KYC requirements and CDD developments, coupled with a proven track record of implementing regulatory change solutions, we have the knowledge to advise and the experience to confidently provide and implement positive change within your organisation with continuous success.   

We bring knowledge of industry best practice, regulatory requirements and associated expectations, to the table.  We're able to tailor pragmatic solutions to suit business demands, saving our clients valuable  time, budget and resources to focus their efforts on becoming compliant.

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